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A new post on a new revised site design!

Heads up for the new clean design I’ve been working on over the past months. The site is running on WP 2.8 and I will be upgrading the photo gallery soon as well. Part of the update which took so much time was to update the various textual content around the site such as the about and new portfolio sections, not to mention taking away some outdated or irrelevant ones as well, very much like spring cleaning. The site had been tested on Firefox 2-3, IE6-8 and Safari 3.

I wrote some new custom wordpress plugins like the amazon wishlist and the running events widget which shows the next 5 upcoming events on the sidebar and a full list for the year on the main page. yes, though you might find similar plugins released before, but sometimes, not all plugins satisfies your needs or are just simply unavailable on the WP plugin site, so what else to do but to write your own? If I have time, I might clean the code up alittle and put it up available for public download.

Initially, the new design were consistent among all the browsers except IE6, which can’t handle PNG transparencies and really messes up all the divs and had to be repositioned in a separate “quick fix” css file. Makes me wonder why did MS release a browser which can’t even render webpages correctly. Oh but got that settled anyway, so if you are an IE6 user, you won’t be left out. Oh yes, did I mention the site’s new core layout is table-less and purely CSS driven as well? You can even hide the menus on the left and drag/rearrange those on the right as well. Whee a new milestone!

The site loads much faster now, but there are still much CSS tweaking and content around the site to clean up and code, so please mind the sawdust while I renovate. In the meantime, do feel free to report any bugs you see on the site as well.


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