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Saturday outs… and so is sun…

Its a lazy morning today… so what can I do but kickstart it with a nice breakfast watching Disney’s Inspector gadget movie 2 on the computer… Pretty got me up and going. Met up with my platoonmate John who drove down to pick me up in his mum’s car for some army and games shopping at beach road. After some reckless lane changes, dodges and speeding, made an illegal parking at our destination in front of a police post (hehe).

Got lots of niffy luxury items there, ranging form an inflatable pillow to a field chair and lots of bicycle hooks to pitch a groundsheet tent outfield. Tetete… too bad the game store don’t stock up gameboy games I want, like Worms World Party and Crazy Taxi, too bad for them. Ate lunch (yummy chicken chopz) within the army market’s hawker center before heading back to the carpark to find- hey no parking summons for 2 whole hours! yipee!

Met up with another platoonmate Chonggen later who got his driver to ferry him to meet us around Plaza Singapura then finally Sunshine plaza at selegi for the anime and manga- a shopping place he always reco.

The place is not only filled with anime DVDs and manga, but my fav model kits as well. Being a Patlabor fan, I got the Mobile police New OVA DVD series ($45) and a Patlabor 1/35 type-J9 Griffon master grade mecha kit (72 bucks), had been looking all around Singapore for that kit sometime and I am glad I finally come across a store which actually sells it.

When we all done and spent with the day of shopping, (so hey and payday IS TODAY anyway) dropped by parklane shopping center for 2 matches of team based C&C Generals matches (Match 1. 3xNormal comp and match 2. 2x Normal + 1X Hard comp) at one of the many lan shops there. When all done around 6.30pm its time to call it a day while everybody go off for their individual dinner appointments. I have a dinner appointment with my family at great world city, but they are coming down to fetch me over at Selegi, so I pretty much wandered and explored parklane while waiting for them to arrive. Its quite interesting to know that such an old shopping center can actually be so popular with youngsters in the area. Locked onto 2 music stores there where I got a Proel, Italy guitar stand at $30 bucks there. My next item o get would be a tuner, but thats a job for some other day…

I ended up having dinner at some Rex restaurant around there vicinity. Even if we order al-carte, the bill didn’t cost much a bomb as I expected it to be- $40. Continued with my family to visit my grandmother’s place for the night before heading home for some much needed rest.

And Darryl is bugging me to drop by BB driving center for my basic theory test (BTT) evaluation tomorrow.. dang, partly because he wants to take the BTT with me on the 30th this month, but I am just too lazy to study my highwaycode for it…

But I wanna DRIVE by this YEAR! ARgh!

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