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Dang I am so awake now, just woke up from 2x 10hrs sleep blocks fromt he last 48hrs. Oh well, since I am very much up myself… lets just recap some happenings yesterday.

Literally slept the whole morning-afternoon when I came back from AHM yesterday. Its a joint run together with the sheares bridge run held in the morning. Had only 1 1/2 hours of sleep the night before where we set up the waterpoints the moment we reached there saturday afternoon, only to start resting around 6pm then waiting till 1am where we can put up the overhead banners when the road closes. Set up a hammock between 2 coconut tress (no falling ones) & rested till 3am where we did finishing touches & most of the stores preps started when the ice supply truck arrived.

The run kicked off about 5.30am just in time when everything’s done. The first runner reached us around 6.15am- an African runner, all chasing the front LSV scout, they were literally sprinting- all 21km! Then came few of the relatively faster runners then the bulk of the 21km runners around 6.30am till 7am. Drink demand wasn’t so high then till about 7.30am. Most seriously competitive runners don’t drink, its only those leisure runners who drink lots- demand surged high around 7.45am & we can say that we were literally one & soaked with the Gatorade we were serving, given the frantic demands for it. Demand seem endless & theres even queues at our water point just the gatorade… dang. It was so bad I guess any longer, I guess my hands & the guys helping out at my waterpoint would have our hands “Gatorade” further (yes our hands were a yellow-oranage hue to it thereafter, due to the constant scoping/mixing/blending of Gatorade). Not to mention the danger of frost bites when where we have to mix the super chilled drinks at the peakl of demand. Litter was everywhere, & the road were very much a littered- green & white mess of paper & Styrofoam cups all tramped & meshed to a spread of green-white flakes being contrasted onto the road, a quite spectacular sight. Furthermore given the endless number of runners, we can’t even pick the litter off the road, they just keep coming, all 8000 of them! Thank goodness we had park cleaners who saved the day by helping us clean up after the event. No hesitation to offer them drinks for their service too.

We went out of Gatorade around 8.15am then & whats left were slightly yellow hued plain water with a very diluted Gatorade taste. Can’t help it! we were out… by around 8.30am all 4 waterpoints on our side were all serving ice water, which slowly turned to warm water when we start to run of of ice around 9am. At this time, mostly left are all the “sio gan” ones who literally only care about walking the whole 21km distance. We started packing up around 9.15am & loaded everything up our transport back to camp. it would be a 2 day off for us (mon & tues). Whew! thats all for the sunday. The results of the waterpoint competition are not up though, hope we would win!

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