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Hans @ great eastern building

Went for dinner at Hans @ great eastern building, partly as it was conveniently located near mum’s workplace and we were really hungry at that time after a long day of work. Also, on a note, I guess Hans had shifted their main bakery operations here from their old Thomspon branch. Think they had decided to “go-public” like breadtalk, good to see more competitors around and hopefully we consumers will benefit with prices wars.. 😀 hehe *grinz*

The place, though spacious and posh looking (the floor area is even bigger than the citibank branch next door) the food standard is still not there yet.. And the pastry prices are definitely outrageous- $1.30 for a bagel? Argh! Still prefer the old tradiitonal Hans kitchen style setting, mostly seen at other branches particularly @ Marina Square.

Walked around the nearby Far East China Square area after dinner and noticed a Marche style resturant called “village” in the basement of the shopping area, quite interesting. Mmm, and how did I get to notice that? well, its mostly Follow-the-Plastic-Advert-Bulls, you won’t miss them in the vicinity! Might consider goind there one day… Well, my sister’s is off for a class BBQ with her friends, would be coming back late. House so quiet now, must appreciate the tranquility. Now *fumble* where are my Linkin Park cds…


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