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As planned the lunch thingy came on, too bad many couldn’t make it, PJ and DES couldn’t make it at the last moment, Vernance just went dead on us, mysteriously as usual.. So in the end 3 of us, Lest, David and me munched our way to Ponderosa @ Raffles city. The deluxe buffet is not available on weekends, but the all salad buffet is on the moment we order any ala-carte meal.

And off we go munch munch… very value for money I say.. even lest kept chanting.. “must come again someday, must come again someday” After lunch, walked around Suntec mall, went for some reconnaissance on CDs, games and Sony’s clie PDA’s and accessories, will be saving for one someday, somehow… Tunnelled down to City Link underground mall thereafter for some of my fav mocha fap at Pacific Coffee, then later! till we meet again… And yea, David thanks for the lunch treat and yea, its weird treating birthday guys when they should be treating.. hehe. :p

Been surfin around and hey, check out this operation flashpoint modification. It’s based on Singapore Army’s arsenal, but its currently under development. It have the potential, just hope it won’t turn out crappy as most casual game mods always turn out to be.

Will be going over to National Uni of sg (NUS) tomorrow to submit some verification forms on my university entry. Then gotta go run some errands for my dad, hes been busy lately and I have to even buy season parking for him… *duh*

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