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& so was the week

Reunion Dinner

And so there was the year of the pooch, so fast so easy. So little AhPao money… As the saying goes as you get older, you get lesser Ang pao money you get… haiz so true…

Reunion Dinner was at Happy Joy Restaurant last saturday at Bukit Merah Central, though its within walking distance from home, it never crossed my mind of a full fledged Chinese restaurant residing in within the central, its all always hawker hawker, fast food & coffee shops, nothing of this “class” so as I thought. Furthermore this restaurant had been around for ages, like almost a 10 years+ old but its actually our first time eating there. The crowd there was healthy for a Saturday night, & the KTV private eating rooms are all mostly booked, with like-horrid customer singing faintly echoing through the walls on resonance. We had the usual 6 persons Yusheng course though there is only 4 of us in the family (a 4 persons set can’t feed us gluttons).

Mmmm talking about Yusheng, there was attempt to set the longest Yusheng in Redhill Market few days ago I guess.. it was even on the news… haha didn’t find time to join in for the fun… Too busy, Dang I even had to turn my secondary school friends annual Yusheng & chingay gathering last saturday because of clashes of events.. haiz if only I can be at 2 places at once… Sorry guys!

Anyone up on the 70 hour radio gag going on at Ngee ann city now? I support Rod Monteiro Class 95 FM! Well, maybe because he, together with Jean Danker hosts my favorite “Car Tunes” show every weekday!



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