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Sushi Comp

Mmm, Sushi by the computer, Mum brought loads from her trip to the supermarket just now & theres plenty for everyone. Well with that let me get on with some blabbering…

Logged into SAS after like since god-knows-when. I mean they create this facilities for us students who don’t even know such stuff exists until our lecturers painstakingly remind us of its “presence”. Usually when there is a need to do surveys or feedback. Signed in & navigated to the various links & to my astonishment, my CCA point count is 50 now.. OMG! 50 CCA points in year ONE? & its not even end semester yet… whee! I think thats an A+ merit grade right? hehehehe… well I have 2 options now, either to cut down on track competition events since I already got A+, or keep it up the points & get like the DIST points range (rumored to be around 150pts) by end of year 3. Haiz decisions decisions.

Updates Engineering workshop theory test: 100/100 :mrgreen: Duh our lecturer even gave out chocolates & Oreos for anyone scoring 80 & above haha, let be obliging & be Kids for the moment in campus ah? (mommy no cookie? please dun bash me!) 2 more weeks, I guess I should start studying for my semester exams already… mug mug mug.. bye bye life for now…

Oh yea on events, there would be a 10km cross-country event on the 18th Feb at Macritchie & the NTU national vertical marathon on 12th March, so that is the sporting highlights for the few months to come. Also, I signed up for some Scuba Diving lessons during the spring holidays, would be getting my worldwide open water diving certification on March… whee!

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