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Mother’s day dinner, armour Family day pictures

Went for my so called “weekly” morning swim since a year’s time at delta swimming complex. The sports council closed the one at bukit merah since the HDB moved out last year & say the place is so quiet ever since. The swim wasn’t that bad, considering that I hadn’t swam 50m lap consceutively since I enlisted in the army, somehow I stilll managed to clock a descent 50m lap time of 1min 8 seconds. My heart rate is kinda messed up and high now, guess its time I smack my sunday weekly swims again on my calender. Overall the place is rather crowded in the morning & I can reconise some of the usual bukit merah swimming instructors & swimmers at the new location, guess I am not the only one who migrated to delta as well. The place spots many sports facilties like a gym and large soccer field which Ididn’t take notice previously. Not a bad place in all.

And mmm, its coming to the end of another sunday, mother’s day. Tonight’s family dinner was so homely & nice, maybe we shouldn’t eat out so often on special occasions & appreciate the good old homecooked food, (esp that of my mum’s, with alittle help from dad :mrgreen: ) You are super mum!

& hey! theres new photos added in the NS section.

Whee… tomorrow’s monday, may it be another fun week to come.


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