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East coast food center

Dinner was at east coast food center, though they had renovated the place quite sometime ago, its my first time there since they reopened. The variety of food there is very limited, though there are many stores & the ambience is actually quite good for a food hawker center (not to mention romatic at night), what they serve are mostly BBQ & fishball noodle stores, one duck rice store & no western food stores at all. dang!

Before that, didn’t go for driving at noon today as I was down with flu in the morning which I overcame by mid afternoon after resting at home. Then accompanied John as an advisor to Simlim in the late afternoon to buy his new Gaming PC parts. After some research & homework, manged to get a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz E & an Asus mobo with DDR400, AGP8x, SATA for bout $450 a steal!

Sunday’s tomorrow, time for another morning swim, & maybe some driving or so.. and yea look out for a brand new art gallery format, plus 4 new artpieces I’ve been working on would be posted soon. 🙂


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