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June the 20th, double parties

Today’s my sister’s birthday, together with father’s day. Happy Birthday Sheena! Happy Father’s Day Dad! Had cake from the occasion for breakfast. Had dinner at Prtgo’s at raffles city the night before. Its some Itialin restaurant my mum wanted us to try us which does fine dining. The place spots a rather standard classy feel, with the exception of the place being too bright & little cramped (too many tables) other than that the staff were rather friendly even the (rather fat) Italian manager makes his rounds the restaurant greeting guest and asking about the food. Did some rounds of window shop the center, the place hadn’t changed much though, with the exception of a few new stores.

Checked out some gizmos on surf today and hey, not quite a catch with this new baby coming out, finally a bluetooth keyboard for texting on my phone and my future PDA. :mrgreen:

My driving test would be on next week :shock:, Thursday infact. Hope all goes well on my first attempt & I can drive my dad’s car by the week. *yea* Wish me luck for the driving test.*fingers crossed*

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  1. Yong Quan: u mean you want to use the DIY on your site or you want to link from there? I don’t quite get you. Anyway, I would definately prefer a link over to the tutorial. And yes, I can add you (you mean link exchange?) to you. Just provide me your site’s URL.


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