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Losing streak

Lost waterpolo match
Well, when there are lots of up recently, there will too come the downs. I guess the last *up* was me getting the news to be “attached” to home for Army Open House projects and tasking. Then, luck came falling down- first with us losing against Commandos in the regiment waterpolo match, the second lost after arty.

Driving test
And secondly (rather personal but, argh!) by failing my 1st driving test with 28points, frankly I felt I drove very well, did the circuit like a pro. If all my other instructors don’t see a problem with my driving and I don’t see why one tester like this a sore thumb Mr Poh Ah Soon (my tester) from the traffic police department, think otherwise. If there is a quota to and for first time passes a day, so be it. And even the regulation the system just don’t allow free play, everybody are all set to go through a stereotypical system set, bringing about results as disastrous as our notorious education system. Its time things should change for the better.

Mistakes I know/committed

  • Incorrect braking – 4pts
  • Fail to check mirror before slowing- 2pts
  • Incorrect positioning at junction- 2pts
  • Delay in moving off- 2pts
  • Insufficient accel- 4pts

“Mistakes” I didn’t even commit.

  • Fail to use appropriate gear- 4pts (I am always very good at management)
  • Speed too slow for road- 2pts (I was speeding!)
  • Fail to signal/Give wrong signal- 8pts (Maybe late, but never missed it)

Dumb testers… 😡

go stuff myself with tons of good food with my fam now…


  1. Hey!
    I got tt horrible mr poh ah soon for my driving test also. the one from bbdc. I totally agree with u. He gave me 28 points too and most of the mistakes that he penalized me for are almost the same yours. I think it’s total crap can. i’m super pissed coz i think it’s so unfair. plus i really dun have all the time and money in the world to keep retaking this bloody test. argh!!! so angry manz. besides, my instructors always praise my steady and safe driving, so i dun see why he can’t pass me. they shd really revamp this whole system. tt quota thing is TOTAL nonsense. those damned driving centres must be earning big bucks from us. gosh, can feel my blood pressure rising already.

    Mistakes i really did commit:
    Improper turning-2 (arc abit wide)
    Incorrect positioning-4 (car abit slanted)
    Slow reaction in avoiding danger caused by others-10 (this idiotic guy didn’t stop at the STOP sign junction even though i was driving by)

    Mistakes which i DIDN’T commit:
    Incorrect braking-2 (my braking has always been well controlled)
    Speed too slow-6 (crap, no cars horned at/overtook me and i maintained a comfortable 50-70km/h)
    Insufficient acceleration-4 (oh, i didn’t know i am supposed to jam on the accelerator until the car jerks violently forward. duh. *rolling eyes*)

  2. Ahha so this mr poh really very notorious ah…. cool, dun worry loh, just take again, just be sure to have all those test taken stamps on your PDL whenever u take a test. Even if u renew yr PDL, jus fasten yr old one together jus to show the number of attempts you’ve taken (or your $$ spent on retests so far 😯 )

    Personally I’ve taken & passed on my third, costed alot, but some testers have a very strong point against 1st time passes, once u like 2-3 attempt they usually not as strict already.

  3. lol..
    damn todae i got dis Poh guy..zzzz.. fail lol..
    26 points….
    he sae i delay moving off,, not enuff acceleration and wad signal wrongly which i didnt rmb doing them..zzz

  4. whoa haha I didn’t know this tester, Mr Poh is so infamous. I mean I was failed by him, but it can’t be the case that he fails everyone he takes right?

    I am sure there are people who passed through him, or only people who fail are directed here via Google! whoops! 😳

    • Hi there.. I’m currently a student @ Ubi CDC. Like quite a few here,I was failed by Mr Poh the first time and currently am preparing to take my third retest next Tuesday. I was directed to this Page when my instructor who took me for a lesson this afternoon asked me to Google for Mr Poh’s name and I must say I really am very surprised by his popularity online.

      I also understand that he has been transfered out of the Ubi branch in September 2010 and is unsure of where he is being posted at the moment. However, during his time here, he was also notorious for failing students which badly affected the branch’s standing amongst the other centers.

      Personally, I feel that he is okay but it seems like he is very strict in his grading.

      Nonetheless, to all : All the very best for those who are also preparing for your TP too! When we hit the roads, let’s be safe and courteous drivers as well! Good luck!

  5. I failed with 30pts with him as well. The points deducted was almost totally the same as you. He penalised me for never signal, but I did signal. It was raining outside heavily thus I drove at a speed of 50-60KM/H, but he said I drive TOO SLOW. The car around me was driving at around the same speed as well! Hopefully I will pass on my second attempt.

  6. I just got tested by him. I failed because of slow driving…he wanted me to speed when there’s no cars inside the crank course and S-course. I was like WTF?! i got 14 demerit points because of those ‘slow’ driving.

  7. I was failed by this prick name Poh Ah Soon also! I have been driving for 18 years and award holder for best and safety driving in SAF! The reason for the retest was that I was overseas for years and didn’t renew my license in tme and thus got to take a test. This joker tester failed me for the same exact reasons you guys are having and HE WANTS ME TO OVERTAKE NEAR A JUNCTION! Crazy nut! And he didn’t appear in a good mood either!

    I am going to file a complaint against him and see that justice is done. Period.

    • hi daniel,i’ve got the same name as you,daniel too.anyway i wish to complain against this Mr Poh too as i really found that i was driving very well.i was confident of even passing the test because i didnt make any mistakes in the circuits.i was marked down for the exact same reasons which i found was absolutely ridiculous.

      you were saying something about complaining? how and to whom are you going to file the complain to?

  8. Ahha guys, please do not get ahead of ourselves when you fail the test by Mr Poh. I do not quite wish for this entry to turn into an anger bashing for your failure. 😉

    The best you can do is to just try again, you WILL pass on a retake, so try to take it too hard for failing. Don’t cry over spilled milk and take take too hard, no hard feelings!

  9. Haix, Seriously what’s wrong with this poh ah soon, failing all those that got taken by him.

    He must be a fucked up bastard to be like this.

    seriously……..freakin bastard………haix

  10. I got the same bastard testor as you!! Just had my first TP test today and i met the no.1 Killer POH AH SOON!!!! Fcuk him lah!! so pissed off!! He kept saying i drive very slow and want me to drive fast when there are many car in front of me! so fcuking pissed off!! Then about signal!! I DID SIGNAL AT THE CORRECT TIME AND NEVER GIVE WRONG LAH!!! Still got many many to say!!! i only can say i never pray before i go for driving test!

    At first i didn’t know POH AH SOON is so famous until i know my result, my teacher who teach me driving told me that i met the no.1 killer who is POH AH SOON!!! Even my teacher also know i will fail at the start of the test lah !! Then my teacher told me that he ALWAYS failed those first timer who are like me!! SO FCUKING PISSED WHEN I HEARD THAT!! Then i start to recall back when i having my test, the mistake he marked me down most of it is totally opp of what i had done lah!! FCUK HIM!! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!! He is just a basterd lah, he want people like him failed FIVE time for his driving test ! This is what my teacher told me about him that he failed FIVE times for his driving lesson. TOTALLY UNFAIR TOTALLY BASTERD HIM!

    Those first timer, pray hard don’t let him be ur testor !

  11. I didn’t expect this tester to be so famous. tried googling him and i reached this page/link. He failed me today for striking the kerb twice when I was only NEAR the kerb. Kept complaining throughout the entire practical. hopefully, i do not get him as my tester for my second attempt. Btw, i did my test at ubi test centre.

  12. Congrat man… i think we are the chosen 1 haha. He failed me yesterday . Reason: slow driving, slow acceleration, wrong signal.. very similar to you guys. i slow driving alone accumulated to 20++ points already… he still slept in the car during driving =.= .. WOW

  13. Hey this asshole just failed me just now..the exact same reason..he’s now at CDC.. I guess he’s a legend now.. All ur reason are very similar…he emphasis more on speeding..dumb nut… got 42 points after my third attempt…. this guy really has a death wish

  14. i also failed today… he keeps on saying i drive slow plus i hogged people’s lane when i am turning right… i was like behind me got three cars and in front got three lorries… he says i shld go left lane but that lane is for going straight only… not for turning right… i was like WTH!

  15. This Mr poh ah soon shld test those foreigner who convert their driving licence easily here. I mean, who can’t pass theory test? But, can they pass our practical test here? Heavy vehicle fatal accidents occur due to this mistakes done by the TP!
    The way i look at it, SGrean r meant to suffer. While foreigner suffer a bit, can go back seek escape back to their motherland.
    Happy National Day, cheers.

  16. This Poh Ah Soon guy just failed me for exactly the same reasons as you guys. Knnccb mfcker fellow. He never stamp the back of my PDL also! Purposedly man fucker guy.

  17. my first attempt at TP today and he failed me with 28 points.
    he told me that i was too slow during the s course (but i thought there’s no time limit for the s course?!) and he compared me with another learner who was taking the s course but was faster than me (is he even supposed to do that?!).
    he also commented that i kept braking while doing that the courses but i have no idea that i’m not allowed to do that though.
    he also said that i didn’t signal in good time but i don’t rmb doing that?!
    i am really angry at him. my next test’s in october and let’s pray that i don’t get him again…

  18. same here i was failed by my poh he gave me 44 marks.. and this is my second attempt… i didnt do any mistakes at all but when he wan me to be fast fast even at circuit!!! super cui this person… i wonder how come we highlight this matter!!!

  19. hello people! i have a few questions!

    is this mr poh now testing at cdc?!i hope he’s not, cos im having my test next week!

    is there a minimum driving limit? like 50/60 or so? if not how comes he deducts for slow driving?

    last one.. does your tester require you to apply emergency brakes? if so, isit just depression of clutch and foodbrake?

    heehee thanks! :))

  20. i also tested by him yesterday. he also penalized me for slow speed , improper turning, never signal and never check blindspots. my test result mistake list was so long, but manage to pass at 18.

  21. I got tested by him today. Same reasons as you guys and I thought i did reasonably well. Zzzzz. Speed to slow, he say if you speed up to 4th gear faster, you can beat the red light and don need to stop already. -_- Then I shouldn’t be behind the L plate car, must zoom zoom pass them. -_- He is now at SSDC. Hope I don’t get him again on my next attempt. 🙁 He seem like a friendly guy at first though.

    And I remember I signaled everytime, still take points for it. 🙁


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