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Hari-Raya feasts, Half-life 2

Aunt julie dropped by our home yesterday morning to pay us a visit, strange though considering that its a the Hari Raya period, we should actually have paid a a visit! Brought along with her are some traditional Muslim delicacies such as curry chicken, longton & some homemade pineapple tarts & marble cakes, surprising that she actually brought this feast here… 😯 But I can tell that she enjoyed it anyway, spreading the Hari Raya fun & mood, very enjoyable. So guys & gals out there if you are invited to a hari raya dinner or so by muslim friends/neighboors this week DON’T MISS IT! you will love it. Would be bringing some excess marble cakes & cookies to camp to finish as most of us here at home are already over loaded with da goodies. Then having it finished at camp shouldn’t be a problem either with my glutton bunkmates John & Darryl around, that shouldn’t be a problem… 😉

Well, half-life 2 is expected to be released tomorrow. As already mention in my previous posts, I’ve re-ordered the collector’s edition at the software boutique, funan for $129.90 plus a free poster. Would most prob be collecting it on friday night or so, during my bookout. Alternatively if theres nights off tomorrow, why not drop by there too? & yes, everything have to timed so nicely.. You must be wondering why I am I still at home at this time on a tuesday morning, well book in for my coy is slated at 12noon today.. oh well better get going to chonggen’s house.. tete for a free lift to camp… :mrgreen:


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