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Happy Birthday Sheena!

Sheena's Birthday

Celebrations was at ChinaTown Point Swensens last night (Saturday), also in conjunction with Father’s day around the corner I guess. Initially we wanted to celebrate at Bugis Swensens but I guess arriving at 7pm will definitely have a long queue there, not to mention orchard or PS as well, furthermore the one at Liang Court closed quite sometime ago. Nevertheless the branch at ChinaTown Point proved to be one of the better Swensens I’ve ever visited, in terms of service on top of food.

Not only we get recommendations for better food offers from the manager besides that offered by the dinky Singtel Birthday Discount Coupons, the staff even all gathered and sang Happy Birthday to her when they served the Ice-cream cake! Not to mention having made a couple of ballon-tie poodles for her as well (one blue & purple). Niffy! Happy Birthday Sheena!

Come to think about it, I guess visiting Swensen restaurants on the outskirts of town usually have better service as the staff are not as stressed & stretched to crowd demands, with that they can work more relaxed & happier – in turn better service! This branch definitely gets my thumbs up & recommendations.


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