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Happy Birthday! My 23rd Celebrations

Dinner at Cafe Cartel

Had not actually had time to update on this but yup my birthday celebrations was on last weekend. Saturday and Sunday to be exact with the actual day on Sunday, the 25th of March. Celebrated with dinner at Cafe Cartel and some shopping around the city link area on the 24th, then it’s cake cutting and well wishes on the following Sunday with my family.

Mum wanted to get me one of those solid cuff bangles in silver and matte black, presumably as she thought that “that is the in-thing with youngsters now” but nah that don’t really float my boat, considering that I am actually quite selective of what I wear on myself. Good thing she brought me to stores before purchasing at least she didn’t get something I didn’t like! I don’t really demand a present from my parents so anything in is just a bonus to me, in fact I am still feel obligated to give both my parents some of my earnings I’ve got from my current school internship, something which would also be a feat too get them to keep the money.

Got Bread?

Got myself a new phone – FINALLY! a HP rw6828. So finally I can get my moblog back up and running again. It’s the Black Titanium version, so that very much set me with an additional stylus, battery and 1GB miniSD card (which I topped up with a 2GB of my own). Spent the last few days installing all my favorite applications, plug-ins and games, now I only have like 6mb of free ROM space left… But at least it beats carry 3 devices around, it’s both a camera, phone and PDA in one now.. and much more! Now wait till I hijack those TVs in coffee shops and best denki with my universal remote software…

Sheena upgraded her Motorola V3 to a Nokia 7390 3G fashion phone. The phone looks really spanky, compact and is incredibly lighter than it looks. Brought some new screen protectors from SimLim yesterday to install on her phone and mine. I love the black colour on my rw6828, but would be looking to get a silicon cover soon.

Given the trips over the weekends, it’s kinda weird now without a car and traveling around on public transport on weekends do gets kinda husky at times, but it beats finding a parking spot and paying for gas. My yearns for a hybrid car but the $89,000 price tag cannot justify the desire to switch considering a Lancer or Nissan Sunny costs half as much in Singapore, go figure – cars here can cost as much as a house in the states.

Thx to all who sent in your well wishes! Cheers! :mrgreen:


  1. hey thks man, had not had the opportunity to wish ya too dude, belated bday to you too!

    Mmm, the rw6828 is great for me currently as it beats carrying many devices around, used to tag around with a phone, PDA and occasionally my digicam. Now all I need is one item! I am currently using an installed phone t9 numeric keyboard for my HP, so it’s just like normal smsing for me, can use the device in one hand most of the time. I do not kinda like O2 and dopod not because of their devices, but for having one of the worst technical and customer support in Singapore, HP and ETEN are the consumer rated best in the PPC SG scene.

  2. yea, i so far have not problem with O2, and have not and not intending to visit their center. I rather sell away the phone. LOL

    PPC camera sucks =(

    I am waiting for a candy bar version of N95 and I will hope on to it.


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