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Wednesday, December 6, 2023


And so today would be the last day of my stay at camp, and off to a *supposedly* 9-5 bikecourse at kaki camp. Yea would be training for a class 2B bike military bike license and hey its the SAF who wants us to go for it. So what can I do but get all the practice I needed on my own humble-foot-powered-contraption also known widely as, the bicycle, paried with the seemingly invincible newly issused crash helmet elbow and knee guards oh well, BRING ON TOMORROW’S QUALIFIERS MAN!

Talking bout qualifiers, haha lucky I didn’t throw $$ in soccer lately, as many lost quite alot in this weeks matches :X

Theres one thing I would like to bring up about pricky officers in camp, shit ’em if they wanna play rank around the workplace. If they think they can push their weight around and demand all the heck they want, they are gonna not get much respect from us rather, as they say when u meet suxy officers, (or orificer) greet by saluting the rank, not the person.

*fumbles* oh well I guess I can make full use of the free time during my bike course to study for my class 3 highway code and advanced driving theory test coming up.. in the not to distant future I say, yea its a matter of time too where I would zipping around in the family car.

Lastly, check out this freaking funny videosite, not the best of hollywood ya gettin’ here but hey plain old homemade ones, just like ..mm lemonade?

Gotta get some eyeshut now, wakes at 6am tomorrow dudes, no nice show of red tried eyes and messy hair in the morning, scares kids of their beds…

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