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Book out! book out! boot out day!

BMT started, and all the “xing jiao” (new birds aka fresh recruits) are enlisted into tekong already. We “lau jiao” (old birds) get to book out while the newbies serve their recruitment confinement period.. hehe still remember the old days as a freshmeat.. the monotonous “left, right, left, right” trade mark marching, super messed up marching and ultra clean PT shoes- definate giveaways of new birds. Booked out from tekong at 9.45am, had chow time with my platoon mates at Macdonalds, Whitesands before heading home. Went to my grandparents home thereafter for lunch and kinda dozed off there the whole afternoon thereafter- Kinda shack after the 3km endurance training at camp this morning.

After dinner at brickworks, went to ikea to buy two wall shevles for my game boxes, they are really crowding out my room’s library book shelf and I have to transfer some up onto the walls to safe up space. kinda neat having all you game boxes placed above the computer too.. hehe. Also, my sister brought a mini book shelf too to store her ever expanding anime comic collection. *wheez* Managed to squeeze everything into my dad’s sedan, and man! sitting at the backseat crowded with boxes is really a feat, talking about contortions!

Tried out IGI2 and raven shield demo from this month’s PC mag’s CD and I say IGI2 is a really a great game, after splinter cell. These are one of the very few “thinking games” other than the all mindless shooters like croteam’s serious sam, will rock, etc…etc.. Furthermore, Rambo six 3 (Raven Shield) spots running on a not so outdated unreal engine and the visuals are definately much better than the previous versions, only that now, its more geared up to the “classic shooter style” than tactics. Played a few rounds of weekly Counter-strike and mmm, not bad in performance I say, top frags in all the rounds @ starhub servers.. hehe man I am sooo good!…

Mmmm and today’s Zouk’s 12 aniversary.. hehe

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