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Wacky driving instructor

Decided that I need to catch up on my weekend drivings I more or less managed to book a last minute afternoon driving slot after my morning swim. My driving instructor this afternoon is Md Rizal, partly because he just fresh out of reservist, hes just to though yakky, bout army & stuff. And out of that 100mins of driving I get to know that hes from artillery, a recovery driver in his unit, his experiences in exercised overseas to him getting hold of the new New-Balance shoes at the camp’s E-mart… yea that power heh? It is all but otherwise good entertainment though as the car don’t have a radio anyway, & I guess it taught me one more lesson of the day other than fast speed driving & passing obstacles- to drive with distractions! Drove up to mandai & made a u-turn before night safari. Why so far?

As explained by Rizal its a new route they have nowadays & the learner driver boundaries are very much more extended than before. Learnt a new abbreviation from him today- BMW, & come to think about it I did go to BBDC today by BMW (and that is Bus, MRT, Walk) Then there hes goes talking bout his previous students & experiences… blah blah & yea did I mention hes rather funny at times? you can see the car veering occasionally off course ‘cos of too much errmm laughter or the occupants, not to mention the all imfamous babe alert at 9/3 o’clock positions- argh distractions! (& theres goes the joke bout bbdc paying choiubus to walk around on test dates… lol).

Overall the session ended with him commending on my driving, all in hand not very bad at all as a driver at this stage1 he says. One thing he was rather impressed ( that I didn’t know) is the smoothness of my driving, esp on my gear changes up or down, as if I am *one* with the car. Really much remind me of Tak in inital-D. I dunno bout this, but hes even confident about me taking the traffic police test now on the road, with the way I drive confirm can pass one. All in hand I guess its still quite a long way to go than & I still have lessons to go- perfection thru future lessons is the way to go. In the end, it was a rather enjoyable lesson & its chao! hope to bump into you as a student again, he says.

In conclusion I guess I did make a good choice by not having a fixed driving instructor, though I ‘ve been getting a different one everytime, it opens up various challenges, viewpoints, techniques & tips instead from a single source, not to mention going easier on the pocket too!


  1. I had not been thru any test route yet, but driving around unfamilar road have its challenges too. But i think at this point, test route is more applicable to me.

  2. I only go around test routes, nothing else but test routes.Are you looking for a qualified driving instructor for your son or daughter? Then you don’t have to seek anymore as we are one of the best driving schools of Melbourne.


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