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Passed BTT evaluation

It was a lazy morning, woke up with an urge to complete my driving theory tests… (and it a good day to test out my phone too) Got my dad to fetch my to bb diving center at noon where I sat down to complete the 4 BTT practice books in 1hour, then finally got the clearance to enter evaluation itself. Within 1/2hr of “very careful reading and doing :eek:” cleared the test with 77/80 right (need 90% correct to pass). I was happy for myself, partly for someone who never studied the highway code since I took my class 2B last year, and kinda luckily cleared all the 5 tests in 90 minutes. Whew! 😀

Booked a TP BTT test date with one friend who is taking class 3 currently too, got the 27th feb date (18.30, Friday). shoulda be chicken feet, oh well taking bout chickens, just lets not count the chickens before they are hatched, but I guess some revision before the actual thing do help though…

Camera Test Pic 4

With BTT gone, comes the FTT (Final Theory Test). FTT will actually be slightly more challenging than BTT firstly as the questions are more scenerio dependant unlike simply just regurgitating highwaycode in the BTT. For the final driving test, feel free to read up my writeup on 20 Tips for your Final Driving Test.

Came back bout 4pm after having a late lunch at the “new” redhill hawker centre, the old market is kinda leveled (literally) now, but business is still on at a new temp location near the MRT station, same old stores, same old food, different ambience though… more pollution. 😐

Then there came experimentation with my new phone, Installed tons of apps, customisations and finally got it to run doom3D, sonicN and afew N-gage games, which are still quite unstable till I find some fixes here and there.

Dinner is on tonight either at jacks place of YMCA metro-Y at stevens road. It will be a bash! 🙂

SX1 Camera tests in sub-vga modes
Tested the camera quite alot today, these shots coming up are taken with medium sizing, just some pics:

Camera Test Pic 1
Camera Test Pic 2
Camera Test Pic 3

The depth and sharpness is there, but the low resolutions tend to put the pictures on the blury/fuzzy side. Heard that would be solved in the next firmware upgrade. 😉


  1. resized? no, this is taken at standard res on the phone, no altering in PS or whatever. The 640×480 shots are better though, but didn’t find time to post em up yea, thats taken while I was waiting for the shuttle service at BBDC.. lol 🙂


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