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Back and slackin’

Reached home bout 4pm today, everywhere’s raining kinda heavily today, esp in the afternoon around the western Clementi area. But that didn’t prove much of a trouble as I have shelter all the way to the bus interchange and from the bus stop near home upon alighting in the rain, didn’t really take time to appreciate this on dry weathers, but its very efficient shelter network in both there and my area though…

Reached home, dumped my bags, turned on my comp and started slacking in front of the computer, mainly fixing up site related matters, designs.. etc. I find that I seldom find time to even play games on my comp these few weeks, and yea it had been very busy weeks on the weekends- when I actually can find time to use the computer. Its always work work, coding or otherwise general surfin, oh well, habits. 😀

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