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Lady drivers

Well it struck again, I guess one of every 5 instructors who taken me have something against lady drivers, its either being too “careful on the road” or a nitemare when it comes to fine skills driving in the circuit. It all either it boils down to one thing: the female of the species are not very inclined to handle machinery such as cars. Haha, what do you think? I personally do not want to be brainwashed into thinking like the stereotypical male driver, I’ve always believed in equality *yea, yea*. However, I had not driven on the road long enough to see or experience any “mishaps” *whoops* or so, with the all common exception of taxi drivers zipping & cutting here and there. Everything’s fine.

Tomorrow in text…

Would be having an interview in the morning. Then would find some time to zip down the parklane area to find a birthday present for my sis. Thereafter, would be dropping down to bukit batok driving center again for my final driving evaluation. Mmm and guess what? my last practical on my training book was booked with an instructor alocation within my f.i.s grouping. If I can long remember the last time I was actually taught by him was in the very early, first few lessons of the course. Then its always a different instructor day-after-day thanks to my all but never-ending last minute bookings. Guess we would be meeting again for the last lesson… hehheh, then it’s “see here! show ’em what’ve learnt dude!” After that, think my cousin would be joining me later in the day for some shopping, if time premits, maybe catching Shrek2 shouldn’t be much of a problem. Then its some dinner appoinment with my parents before I could call it a day.


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