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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Received an unexpected message from Lester this morning my old secondary classmate asking to meet at 2pm for the usual “old class gathering”. So how can I pack 5 scheduled items nicely in one day…

As first things first, as planned in the morning theres an interview in the morning with crescene. Besides some minor problems on the meeting place, everything went rather smooth & fine.

Cleared all my driving lessons in 18 sessions fast & swift, but its something my instructor today didn’t like. He said that I am too fast, people usually complete it within 20-30 lessons, so I don’t have enough experience which he demands. Personally, I went for my all my other lessons as it is, no bugging or rushing & its up to all my other instructor’s decision to give me how many stamps per lesson depending on my performance, I didn’t choose the pace, all my other instructors did, I don’t know why this one is such a sore thumb. He passed my evaluation anyway. Funny despite all the comments though…

Met up with my cousin at Jurong East after. Took a train to Dolby Ghaut, dropped by PS for some long john silver’s followed by a walk to shed the calories towards the nearby Sunshine Plaza near Parklane to buy a birthday present for my sis. Got an Anime DVD “Full Metal Panic” at $60, luckily mum & dad agreed to chip in a sum, so it won’t be that bad… And mmm *noting on the calender* Father’s day would be on the 20th this month, same day as my sis’s birthday double the gift expenditure, but less the need for 2 dinners for the occasion(s).

Linked up with Lester, Desmond & gang at hereen, as usual the topic for guys our age is always army talk… Had a light dinner at one of my friend’s shop at Chinasquare.

Went to chomp chomp at serangoon for dinner, the place is so packed- literally a smoke house crowded with people, dunno how can people survive in there its just too hot in there, even the ventilation fans server no other purpose but to blow back hot oily air emitted from the hawker exhaust. We couldn’t find a seat anyway so we had dinner at a much well & spacious new hawker center nearby. My mum did some grocery shopping at her favorite “angmo” supermarket in Angmokio before visiting my grandma & calling it a day.

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  1. wha, makes me sound old, when you say old.

    That is what my driving instructor told me too, so i end up taking extra 10 revision lessons, which make it a total of 30 lessons.

    My driving cost me $2.8k

  2. Ummm not that old lah heh. But 20 is kinda old too…

    Wah 10 extra lessons? u really siao on leh.. also I dont have so much $$$ to spend. Personally I would rather resit the test (lemmie see 10x$60 lessons for u= $600, which is about 3 times retest price of about $160 each) Currently my total driving costs $1.2k, mostly paid but me, thats why I so broke now.. 🙁 Mmm, maybe I should set up a “help shaun get his driving license fund” lol :mrgreen:


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