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Chauffeur for the day

Driver for the day

You can always expect something when dad leaves home on a saturday morning to work, on overtime. Strangely commuting to work by bus & leaving the car parked at home. Sure enough, mum later approached me asking: “shaun the car’s ours & I’ve got an assignment for you: I need you to drive us around the place today” Today as in yesterday, Saturday. Oh darn. Next thing before I know, I am am on my way from home to granny’s at Ang Mo Kio for some “special lunch gathering” with me as the chauffeur… After a good lunch at grans, it was so good that mum doggie bagged some food to be brought to Dad at his workplace as lunch, whos gonna do that? Me of course, sadly. So off from Ang Mo Kio we headed to Pasir Panjang, where my dad works, talking about personal deliveries… A long 15km + journey to delivery some nicely packaged food complete with china cutlery included. Thats first class dude, fit for a king? or dad who was just starving at the gate as we are about 1 hour late past lunchtime. duh!

Since its about 2pm++ We decided to drop by nearby Ikea for some shopping & stuffs. Parking is unusually easy due to the strange lack of cars, (usually adding to congestion) in Ikea considering it being a Saturday. Got a paper/note holder & some racks to keep my room & homework organised. Dumped our stuffs into the car before hanging out at the opposite AnchorPoint for some grocery shopping at cold storage & stationary. Its not long before its 4.30pm when mum called dad asking whether he needs to be picked up after work. & yes, cos he is not used to taking the bus! So its back to Pasir Panjang, then off back to Ang Mo Kio for Part II of granny’s special – Dinner! But before that, as all mums who just can’t take a miss of the grocery bargains. We found ourselves none other than at Ang Mo Kio’s premiere bargain market- Ang Mo Supermarket, where we spent the next 1/2 hour or so joining her in her indulgence, before settling down for a coffee break at the nearby coffee shops.

Line Dancing
Line Dancing @ AMK
Cold storage's cold selection
Cold storage’s cold selection
Dinner at granny's
Dinner at Grans

They are having some interesting line-dancing event in the area too, a social event you can’t miss but hilariously watch how clumsy people can be! Later spent the night at grans after dinner, only to leave at about 8pm+ to head home, this time its dad’s turn to drive, I was too tired from a whole day of driving! With 1/5 of the fuel tank emptied today & about close to about 100km travelled today, dropped by office-1 whole salers at Bukit merah to get some printer ink cartridges before calling it a day at home.

Luckily I didn’t have to pay for any petrol… :mrgreen:


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