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Obliged, obligation

SP's Engineering Territory

Well, I was once asked whether I am a compulsive blogger or one who is just obliged to blog. I guess obligation is more of a part of me. I see a blog as an event diary or sort, not a daily requirement. Furthermore I guess majority of people who keep physical diaries don’t necessary input entries everyday right? only specific events, like now!

Anyway, back to my grandfather story: Its the 2nd week of school, life is good & its 6 days to ORD! yea! I remembered entering the army with relatively good hopes & prospects, but at the same time, daunted but the explicit fact of tough army times ahead. After 2yrs 4mths, things have greatly changed. I see things in a different perspective now. Though tough, its good training I’ve got, & given! as a specialist taking my own troopers as well. With this, the day that all of us wish to come upon is right before us now, (refering to my group of army specialists). And there before us: 170605 – though ORD is a happy day, but its a day where we leave behind our friends, slackness, co-workers, inkchek & OC behind & move on as part of life- a funny mix of happiness & sadness, the feeling of leaving eagerly, yet wanting to stay… strange… Its just strange!. I am gonna miss my tri-weekly 9km camp running route & top-notch gym facilites, cos the gym at SP just SUX! They don’t even have pectorial machines, free form cable machines & even gym balls! ARGh!! the humanity!


Class life in poly is very very different from that in JC. We got to know not only our lecturers & classmates better but got to learn too, some loopholes & exploits in the system here & there, which I would like to keep hush-hush for the moment whee! *snicker*. Theres even a day where we get to come to campus just for a single 2 hour class! Pity those who take public transport longer than 2 hours per trip to get to campus! In JC we get a typical school day starting 7.20am & ending 5pm, with 2 hour breaks in between. In poly, its like inversely proportional to that of life in Junior college.. argh! inverse proportional? maths talk! whats coming to me??

I guess adjusting back to campus life is quite an easy transistion to me being a previous JC student. Furthermore the army had made me more of an extrovert able to mix & be a motivation figure & face large crowds without much problems. But I guess old habits are there to stay- bi-weekly or so I would transistion into my “mug-mode” aka “duh! nerdy study mode duh!” slaving myself in the library for hours with recommended references provided by our lecturers duh! Well, its one of the effective ways of securing a distinction right? duh! Anyway the only reason I am here is to go to University right? so gotta work hard. Ace all the way dude… mug mug mug… play play play… mug mug mug… borrow all the library books AH-AHA ALL YOUR LIBRARY REFERENCES ARE BELONG TO ME!! HAHAHA, renew, renew, renew…



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