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1st Driving lesson

Woke up at a dumpy 6.30am today, (only had 6 hours of sleep) as my driving lesson is one this morning. Had one at 8.30am and the other at 12.55pm in the afternoon. Through these two lessons & being my first time “singlehandedly” driving the car, managed to learn the following stuffs in circuit:

Start/stop/reverse the car
Changing up/down, to/from 3rd gear respectively
Wide and 90 degree sharp turns
Lane change left/right
Turning in/out, from/to, main/side road
Target stopping

My 1st lesson slot didn’t ring me much good impression as the instructor by the name of Mr Quek (couldn’t find his name on the instructor board anyway) obviously, having his first work of the day as rather quiet & dull (not to mention old- bad combination) & its a challenge trying to squeeze out whatever info I needed from him just to make my $58 for 100mins worth. On the other hand the 2nd instructor for the day (by the name of Mr lee, was rather funny and… not too old) was definately the better one of the day, always chatty and giving hints here and there, not to mention (and most importantly) having trust in your trainee. E.g. not stepping on the secondary footbrake at any slightest mistakes- as if your car might go runaway & smashing up everything & mincing up every predestrain in sight. Haiz… some people.

Moreover, a more positive instructor does bring up the in their students too- Mr lee said that I would be on the public road the next lesson if I could carry on the today’s performance, sounds rather assuring, although I was still rather jumpy on the moving off on 1st gear part.

Overall, the lesson(s) today do definately crave a better impression I have on BBDC, though theres always the cheaper.. private alternative. Moreover at BBDC, instructors will always change for me as I just dun find it worthwhile to pay additional surcharges for a fixed instructor, what really matters lies within and mainly yourself. Instructors good or lousy will serve their purpose as ballast on the passenger seat anyway…

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