Play dutch heh? oh that might be the though most of us had today when my NS friend, ChongGen invited me and 3 more other platoonfriends for lunch today at some italian resturant near farrer road/serene center area. Before that, he brought us to his house so he could unpack his stuff and man it was big- about 5000 sqm. He even had a pool, gym, ballroom sized hall and lots (and I mean lots) of cars in his driveway, not to mention the pool table which we played while waiting for him there.

The resturant where we had our invitation really does fine dining and I guess most of us, italian food is not very much of our taste, expected of a rich guy like him. Tried squid ink pasta his recommendation (partly cos I can’t really understand italian in the menu)- a weird dish too, but worth wandering into and trying. And, well it actually turns out to be pasta cooked in squid ink- literally. Though I can’t really taste the ink, its very much taste like pasta in white sauce, only that everything is all black and ilky, not to mention the mess it can bring to your mouth and face on any “uncued slurping”. The rest ordered traditional pasta, baked rice and lasagna, so my dish was the rather “out of this world” one, esp the regular snicker from the group whenever I get ink all over my mouth… messy!

Passed my traffic police basic theory test, (yea!) got the letter in the mail with my mum happily informing me bout that thru the phone last friday- this means one step closer to my driving license, time to move on the the pracs. Moreover I tried applied another time into the local Us today for a chance to get into mechnical engineering course, hope I would be able to get in this year.

Had another good buy- Jurassic park operation genesis at $19.90, (usual $49.90). whee!

Would be going out for some more mad impulse shopping with my teammate John tomorrow.. *duh*

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