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Flying handphone

Thursday was a rather funny day esp for my phone- Hurried off for some lessons from the 4th floor down with my hands full of lecture files and stationary, together with my Siemens SL45 on the stack. The moment I hit the stairs a sudden shift of upward g-forces caused everything flying up- and around the stair well the most it like nooo.. (hands outstretched) as my phone bounced down 4-5 steps down before going thru the stair hand rails and down the vertical stairwell shaft, followed by a very loud TANG!, then silence…

I was expecting a mess of phone when I recover it on my way down but heck no, miraculously I found my phone rather intact- the main body and battery lying separately on the 2nd floor and my MMC card on the 3th floor. It turned out that the phone actually flew from the 4th floor down the stairwell, hit the railing on the 2nd floor where it ended up and the MMC flying to the 3rd. So based on some basic physics on impact the lighter parts will tend to get disassembled earlier while the heavier ones will do so later on impact. So that kinda helped in the recovery of all the removable parts.

Slapped all the parts back and scary enough it still turns on, with screen functioning well, keypad and backlight working. wow… strong phone.

Luckily I didn’t use my SX1 that day, glad I switched to my old trusty SL45. or…

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