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GTA San Andreas

The word is out at this link. It would be out on october, aka rockstar game’s 2004 finisher for this year’s GTA series. Current projects include the release of Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt on the PC and Xbox, as well as Grand Theft Auto’s introduction on the GameBoy Advance and the arrival of Vice City on Japanese shores.

Would be going for some light timsum “pre birthday” breakfast tomorrow with my family. The planned family dinner for my birthday tomorrow would be postponed to the next weekend, because of some last minute changes. In place would be dinner with my BMT friends where dom(his birthday today), gingrui (birthday tomorrow) and me (25th march) would be muching away at breeks with the platoon tml evening. Sunday night is the only time where everybody would be free, instead of an actually more convinent (and intended) lunch. I guess my parents were pretty understanding on the sudden change of plans and I am glad they actually happily allowed the postponing of tomorrow’s family dinner as well. Guess that when you are in the army the precious weekends are usually all packed and cramped with activities and you actually got to spend every bit of it wisely with your loved ones, or actually celebrate on your actual birthday out of camp too.

Oh well, soon to be- bye bye life as a teenager… wow 20 do seem old.

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