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Got my C&C 3 Kane’s Wrath expansion pack, Psychic Tecdrome uncle!

C&C Kanes Wrath Boxset

Got my birthday item today, it’s collected by Sheena on her way home today. My copy was pre-ordered at TecDrome and she was around the area to collect it for me today. Then she told me of her rather interesting experience of how the shop uncle who simply packed the box for her and settled payment without even asking for her name or any form of verification of pre-order, (considering that many people came to buy today but cannot get it at all), “Then I almost collapsed when he suddenly acknowledged the purchase and passed me the game box addressing me by my name… how he knows?”.

Haha nope the uncle is not psychic, only that he called me up earlier in the day asking for “Shela” (he got the name wrong) I thought that was almost the wrong number till I found out that he meant “Sheena” (maybe thats how he remembered), or maybe that she was the only girl on the pre-order list in this testosterone dominated game… Together, we can only simply just laugh at her rather interesting event with the Tecdrome uncle.

And luckily I reserved my copy of the game few days ago, the bundled Razer Death adder was the most sought after item in the package, retailing at a price of $79 by itself, this is included with the DVD expansion game for only $89, no wonder it is so hot. I will be keeping that mouse as a spare, together with my Razer Mantis large cloth mouse pad as currently my Logitech G3 aka MX518 mouse is still serving me well.

The biggest let down in the box with have to be the DVD packaging which reassemble a cheap cardboard sandwich, no fancy boxes, or even a descent DVD hard cover case.. man! Inside the pack are few cards for the special unlock code for exclusive online content, together with a beta tester key card for Red Alert 3 as well, cool!

Now as of standard procedures time to complete the game on hard!


    • hey thanks for ya greeting, didn’t post da birthday post before then.

      wah so busy in school till 10? projects? I find it hard to find time to play games nowadays too, I always have to put the boxes away after purchasing them, hoping one day can find time to complete. lol

  1. Hey, i just got mine too, but my death adder isn’t working properly? the left click doesnt function well and right click does nothing, i’ve dled the driver and all, is yours alright? msn me email or something, thanks (:


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