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DSTA scholarship interview today, and they found me interesting!

The interview for my Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) scholarship was on this morning at Science park. Being a restricted government agency, security was tight and you had to get authorizations to get in. There, candidates were greeted by rather professional staff who directed us to a candidate reception area with food and goodies. They were quite a few tests conducted to determine your personality and leadership type followed by the main panel interview.

Apparently, this interview is the first step of the 3 step process in candidate selection going till end April where the results will be announced. The step next would be a series of more tests on the computers again then the final interview. Got about meeting up with some other candidates in the reception, including getting to know some who were in SP as well as those from JC, generally those from Poly tend to be more sociable and talkative, contrasting to the so coped-up and quiet ones from JC. I didn’t know I was rather “popular” in SP as well, as the SP students there know about the one fella in the school of MM with the “perfect GPA”… and oh ummm…. yes that fella is me.

The interview was done in a rather casual setting. I felt that I did relatively well in the interview, be it being smooth and confident through and an occasional laughing joke or two- goes a long way! Interestingly they asked me on what universities I planned to study in, so I spontaneously told them on my shortlisted MIT and Stanford. The senior interviewer was open and he gave me some good advise on university selections as well. On top of them telling me that I am a rather interesting individual, they said that I have a bright future ahead of me as well.

Sounds good!


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