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Completed frozen throne

Well, guess this is not the very of latest news. But hey I finally managed to complete Warcraft III Frozen Throne today, well after (counts fingers) 7 months or so. Guess my time in the army really takes away lots of your gaming time at home. Now lemme see, now I have C&C generals zero hour, Commanche 4, IGI 2, No one lives forever, Diablo II LOD, NFS Underground, WWIII Black Gold, Submarine Titans, JP op genesis left to complete. 😯

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  1. haha, looking back I just always wonder how can I survive with such short weekends over the past 1 year I’ve spent in the army. See, even my site no time to update new sections & designs.. argh!

    Though sometimes, you can bring little joys to camp like gameboy, DVDs & VCDs to watch in camp, the limitation is that they all have to be friendly copies… :p


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