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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Got an invitation for a gmail account. With 1GB of storage space, how can I resist? haha.

The week ended quite ok with me as DI on the last day (fri) started the week with a much needed slow start with wos duty, allowing me to recover from my fever last sunday. I’ve got an ATTB status for 3 days till wednesday which I never used and I was more or less choinging out for the platoon’s armour phase “revisited” throughout the week. Stopped my dosage of fever & flu med by thrus & finished the antibiotics by today. Feelin’ much better now.

& so, the Armour phase ended this week with prac for the usual prep for ops, casualty evac, vc’s vp, sandtablin’, camo, bridge & mine clearing. With me as the new OVM OIC, guess the new implemented way of doing things now is very much more fast, accountable & efficient than what the previous OVM IC, Michael did. It involves the whole vehicle section at work & co-op into accounting all stores with a storelist (printed for both the vehicle commands & drivers) at the end of training. A new idea & something which raised eyebrows & commendation recieved generally from PC as well. Well… what he didn’t know is me behind the idea, thats nothing much for fame though..I was just doing my job! Sadly, the troopers have to end the week booking out late at 9pm with angcheck recovering some skeletons in their closet during area inspection, very much burnt eddy up. oh well…

My wits idea for an E-armskote had been positively accepted by DY ATC, & he eagerly wants a prototype out. The idea is very much implementing a cookhouse like digital card scanner where the soldier’s 11Bs are scanned, followed by their rifle’s barcode, engraved on the weapon itself. Then the machine will automatically compile the soldier’s name, rank NRIC with the weapon, type, butt & serial no from its archive, together with the time & date drawn out. This allows fast drawing & sending of large number of weapons at a go without compromising security. Moreover records of arms movement for the day can be stored digital of printed to be filed as a hard copy. A novel idea? mmm the problem now is how to come out with the program for it.

Looking forward, it would be an interesting weekend. Furthermore my photocard driving license was mailed in yesterday too.. heh heh…


  1. haha lanlan got to go there everytime loh, lucky got shuttle service to cck or boonlay mrt, but only at certain timings in evening… otherwise the air in my camp is one of the freshest in SG though all forest everywhere, not to mention very cooling at night too.


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