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Another BYOPC Lan Party

Well, heres another lan party, a possible good “warm-up” before the March’s Singapore Frag Fest 03. It is organised by cjc81 through superpet forums, heres what he have to say:

  • Venue: Garden Hotel Function rooms, Singapore
  • Date: 2 Feb 2003
  • Time: from 7 pm onwards
  • Cost: Between $20 – $30 to cover drinks and venue
This is a tentative arrangement. I would like to see the response. So far, there are about 10 people interested in taking part.
Do let me know if you guys want to come.Since its purely Bring Your Own Computer, we will not be providing any hardware.

Networking equipment will be provided but its good if you guys can bring your own lan cables.

We are still working out the food arrangement. Drinks shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope to hear from you guys.

Interested? Let me know via the site’s contact form.


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