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Techno Updates

Sony officials said the company will quietly phase out all of its 17-inch and 19-inch CRT monitors by March 31, part of the industry’s shift away from CRTs to LCD panels. Fans of the popular Sony Trinitron line of monitors and its related aperture-grill technology will be forced instead to purchase Sony’s 21-inch and 24-inch CRT displays. Sony’s decision came as no surprise to those who have closely watched monitor manufacturers slowly shift away from CRT production to manufacturing of LCDs. [ Clicky for more ]

Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo has announced a new handheld gaming system: the Game Boy Advance SP, shipping in North America on March 23, 2003. The most welcome improvement on the original Game Boy Advance (GBA) is the addition of a screen-illumination feature. Also new is the form factor: The GBA SP flips open for play, making for a sleeker machine and allowing protection of the screen when you’re not playing. This stylish design is expected to appeal to adult players as well as to the younger GBA contingent. The GBA SP will come with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery rated for 10 hours of game play with the light in use, 18 hours without. Estimated battery life is 3 years (roughly 500 charges). [ Clicky for more ]

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