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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


*reads october issue of PC Gamer* Mmmm neat DVD disc…. Man! & they even have patents for the cardboard cd holder. :O whats the world coming to these days…. :p

*hint, hint* The thing for this entry is bout “helpings”. Anyway, sorry for the period of inactivity during the past few days (or weeks), I just have lots to do at camp. Otherwise, today is another day to go out and chill out after all those shitload of work. Very much treated myself to another helping of 512MB DDR333 today at Comex 2003 for a neat $152 not-too-well-bargain, bringing her power to 1GB or ram on my current system. (And she and… um I, really needed that.. partlly b’cos 450MB++ of daily ram usage is the norm for me dude… squeal!)

And hey I guess I am not the only one whos out there with big helping- went for the dinner buffet at ponderosa marina square this evening with my fam, so that pretty much covered the calorie intake for the whole week, (talking about the week’s exercise and training all going to waste!) While my sis went to upgrade her dopey Nokia 3310 to a 7250i, I pretty much helped myself further into registering for the free singtel 3G trail service. Hopefully, I will get selected for the service… as the $1k 3G phone will be mine to keep after the trail and testing.. and too, throwing away my plans to get the siemens SX1 smartphone in the process too… and I am not complaining! 😉

*1040MB or ram do make your computer feel smoother…* [grinz] *browses* now whats up with UT2004? vehicles? OIC, tribes style!

Had afew rounds of chilling at the marina arcade thereafter. Refreshed alittle of my DDR skills on the 4th mix machine, ( it was definately better than the 3rd mix I had to bare at Lot1 yesterday), not bad I say, the style is still there, but I just keep missing the arrows, pressure pad problem? maybe… just can’t wait to get dancing again.

In the meantime, lets see what PC gamer have in this month’s DVD “special”… chaos

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