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Tablet Research

Got Tablet?

Ahh Notebook research.. Been doing alot about it over the last month or so, though I always hate surfing & drooling over items which ultimately… I COULDN’T even afford in the first place.

You know its something like Pictures—> wooo! *scroll**scroll* Specifications —> wahh! *scroll**scroll* —> Price: DANG!

Its the love for technology I guess *grins* which always keeps me glued to whatever tech… For me, its always like “oohh new phone out ah? Then ok *checks watch & marks on calender* I guess I have to wait approx 5760 hours or 8 months before the price comes low enough for my pocket!”

Poor me…

On a lighter side, been saving up for my new tablet PC I would be purchasing sometime early next year, just in time for the very much rumoured “compulsory laptop policy” SP’s gonna have like next year or so… why? monkey see monkey do loh, as NYP, RP & Nee Ann are ready doin’ it… Then what’s free access for dude? oh well brrr… I guess doing so could maybe give our school the braggin rights in the education industry… E-learning? my NOooo! No human – teacher touch, only opens up possibilities & opportunities for us to hack & temper with the school e-learning & result system… mmmmm which is not too bad either! Just don’t distrupt my wi-fi or I will BITE!

Moreover, I guess the recent failure of my desktop’s motherboard did set me back by a considerable amount of dollars, nevertheless, these are the main nominiess to replace my aging 333Mhz Althon socket-7 (yea its ancient all right) notebook I had since 1998.

  • Ultra portable tablet (Sonoma Centrino 1.7Ghz, 2kg) = Fujitsu T4020
  • Ultra performance tablet (Sonoma Centrino 1.8Ghz, with Geforce 6600GT Go) = Toshiba Tecra M4

So its a matter of wanting to carry a brick which allows your to play DOOM3 for 2hours at all settings maxed or a light small lappy where u can carry anywhere with out a bulge & run for 5hours. Decisions, decisions…

Everything looks good, now I all I need is an additional $3,720,50. :mrgreen:


  1. LOL, I am using fujitsu notebook also. Quite light and portable. But SP now compulsary need laptop? I think poly got laptop not very convient unless u are doing fyp because the laps there are so much better and faster.

  2. No its like next year though, many were happy with it as their parents are getting it for them, some said it was just rumors, only time will tell I guess.

    Mmm how come poly lappy not convienent till fyp? is it like security issues? I mean like 1st-2nd year can do homework anywhere leh, got campus wise wi-fi so much better, then dun need to use free access, etc…

    It had been a long time since I used a lappy of my own, like since Sec 2 ? since then never thought of getting one to replace it… till now.. I am still surfing the net or type word documents from my small dinky Dell pda outside ATM, so “ma-fan”.


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