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Laptop Dilemma

Got Tablet?

Been surfing around a lot lately to check out good laptop buys, hoping to get one before school reopens. But there are just no good Tablet PCs around at the moment.

I was once fascinated with laptops in secondary school, where I got my first personal notebook in secondary two. It lasted with my till Junior college days, an old 333Mhz AMD Compaq Presario. Then it’s screen went “kaput”. Then till now I had always used my Dell Axim X50v as my personal net/email note taker when I am out. Thinking that I had “outgrown” laptops. But so as old habits are to stay, I think I am in need of another laptop again…

Then till I get to find out so many limitations a PDA can have, like not able to work out intensive programming/designing at Starbucks or MacDonalds which I always love freeing myself out of in comparison to slaving at my workstation at home or office. Moreover, when school reopens, it will definitely be a very good tool for studies.

Yes I may have out grown laptops & notebooks, that’s what I am getting a Tablet Pc this time – a perfect companion for lectures, school work, not to mention the ease of note taking. The thing is that with Windows Vista due to be released in Q1 2007 (yes its delayed). There are no good Tablets which can run windows vista currently except for those high end $4000+ ones, like the Toshiba Tecra M4 ($4222 SGD w/GST) & the newest Toshiba M400 ($4010 SGD w/GST), killer prices. I can get those dinky one year old tablets like the Acer C300 series or the Fujitsu T4020, but its not worth it considering that it will be 2 generations old in 6 months time.

I just hate this period where the new Intel Yonah chip being recently released, then it’s the “silent period” where we can only hope & pray that some new model just pop up in store one day. Even online review sites are all quiet on Tablet PCs now.

Till then just hope that Fujitsu/Asus/Acer refreshes their Tablet PC line in time for school reopens.


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