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Gadget talk, jumping on Quad Core

Upgrade update: It looks like the whole of Simlim is sold out and do not have the graphics card Geforce 8800GT 512MB I am intending to get for my system. This card is extremely value for money and is the next best after the 8800GTX and Ultra.

Stocks are in high very demand and will only arrive few weeks down the road, this means that I can only start building my system in December. One more month later, Yorkfield will be released with better performance at the same price, now I seriously considering on waiting till January for the Q9300 Yorkfield.

I will be building my Quad Core system in these few weeks to come. It will be based off the older Kensfield platform as prices are really very affordable now. The thing with the new Yorksfield system is the price and when released later this year, will be high up in the $600-$1000 range for a decent processor + motherboard combo. My stand is that even if you can afford it, it’s no point spending more than $1000 on technology which will be definitely become obsolete in a few months time.

Been looking forward and monitoring these hardware prices since early this year. It will be a good time to act and swipe the Quad core processor, motherboard, graphic card and 4GB RAM upgrade totaling a sub $1000. At least I can transition off the AGP era in PCI-E and Socket 478 to LGA 775.

Besides being a more capable workstation and multi-tasking powerhouse, this will also be the system capable for Crysis & Unreal Tournament 3 at maximum settings, not to mention future favorites like the current Team Fortress 2 and upcoming Starcraft II.

After that, would be setting my crosshairs next on the N95 8GB when it hits in the sub $600 priceline. My Dad don’t need a new phone, so he’s allowing me to upgrade through his Singtel mobile plan.


  1. Sigh, I got no time to play games nowdays, been so busy with school. Yorkfield will be in mainstream in January 08, I will be getting it in June, so I think the price will be alright.

    N95 8GB is now 695 with 2 years line with singtel. I will also be using my mom’s line =D

    BTW, u getting 32bit or 64bit vista?

    • yea, I find that true too- the older you get the less time can you actually spend playing games, its more of time spent on different other commitments like your loved one, family, school and freelance projects.

      lol, haha looks like we are making full use of our parents mobile plans to satisfy our HP upgrade hunger.
      The N95 8GB is like $698 with a 2 year plan w/o trade in now.

      You mean yorkfield won’t be released till JAN? Cus I see the Q9300 Yorkfield 1333FSB 2.50 GHz 12 MB (95 Watts) @ USD 266 a likely candidate too, looks like I might forgo it.

      I will still be using 32-bit XP SP2 with my new system, XP is still the way to go with production PCs, just plugging in my old HD and booting it from there, I do not need vista atm.


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