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Flavours of Windows Vista

Windows Vista out in Q3 2006

Due to be out in around Q3 this year (despite rumors of a December 7th release). It will be out in time when intel launches their Core Duo 64-bit Merom processors. This new generation operating system, the successor to WinXP will be launched primarily as a 64-bit OS (though 32-bit versions will be released too), allowing better & faster computing power for the future (with at least 8x the increased computing boundaries of 32-bit systems, e.g from 4GB RAM to 64GB RAM in the future).

So a general advice now is not to buy any 32-bit PC or laptop now or in 6 months time, it will be 2 generations old.

With that, here is the juice:

  • Vista Starter Edition – A low budget “crippled” version, also MS answer to piracy.
  • Vista Home Basic Edition – Like WinXP Home
  • Vista Home Premium Edition – Like Media Center Edition, with TabletPC functionality
  • Vista Small Business Edition – Designed for small business without IT staffs.
  • Vista Professional Edition – Similar to WinXP Pro.
  • Vista Enterprise Edition – Designed for large institutions.
  • Vista Ultimate Edition – Everything Pro & Home has plus extra features.

Do note that in European markets, Vista Home Basic Edition & Vista Professional Edition will be labelled as Vista Home Basic Edition N & Vista Professional Edition N. Both will ship without Windows media player because of antitrust rulings against MS in the Europe.

Extended A1 subscriptions, free music downloads, free movie downloads, Online Spotlight and entertainment software, preferred product support, and custom themes are the currently rumorred extra features to be included in the Vista Ultimate editon.

Hehe on a hindsight, hopefully Fujitsu-Siemens will release a Merom 64-bit Tablet PC by year end, cause I had been following up with their tablets since last August & they are by so far the best to fit my needs. Would be upgrading just in time when both Vista & Merom are released then.

😎 Update! January 2007

After a store roundup, Windows Vista OS is available now in Singapore selling in SLS at these following rates!

  • Vista Home Basic Edition (OEM DVD Edition) – $145
  • Vista Home Premium Edition (OEM DVD Edition) – $185
  • Vista Business Edition (OEM DVD Edition) – $229
  • Vista Ultimate Edition (OEM DVD Edition) – $309

MS Office 2007:

  • Home and student 2007 – $189
  • Office Basic 2007 – $269
  • Office Small Business Enterprise – $369
  • Office Pro 2007 – $489

The difference between the regular boxed version (you find in larger software stores) and the OEM version is mainly the packaging, price (up to 2x more for the boxed version) but what you get software wise is all the same. The OEM version is meant to be bundled with new computers.

Always remember, stop piracy, buy original.


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