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Excellent Ban Leong Repair and Customer Service

Well, got some time now to blog about some flashbacks early this week, particularly getting my ‘ol computer speakers repaired.

And yup, got my 6 year old Altec Lansing 4.1 speakers repaired at Ban Leong Service Center in Ubi. It’s wired connector was damaged due to wear and age, otherwise everything else is ok. Actually I almost set my mind on getting a new set for about $200, but most speakers these days do not have the power or “offpph” we get from speakers of the yesterday, which are all discontinued now.

Speaker sets you get in SimLim with the highest power rating, (excluding those with THX ratings) in RMS are not even half of my current one, and all like neutered ducks. What’s more, the sole distro for Klipsch Speakers are not bringing in the Promedia Series anymore, bummer. I really do not want to throw away this speaker set due to just a minor fault (which ironically actually rendered the whole set inoperable though). So I called the sole distro and repairs for Altec Lansing, Singapore last Wednesday in Ban Leong Pte Ltd and was tended by a guy called Franky, who I came to know is their speaker guru.

Apparently, my ATP4 model is old and they have no spare parts, then he asked since it’s a connector problem, then they can replace it with their current spare parts, and thankfully they have the 8 pin connectors in stock!

They told me to bring it into the service center which I did on the following day (Last Thursday). Moreover, I was also told that last week being Comex week, they will have most of their staff including himself at Suntec the whole show period. So they won’t be able to get it repaired the next working week, which is ok on my side. So I will be expecting a call say… the following Tuesday or Wednesday after Sunday’s Comex.

Who knows, got a call 1st thing on last Monday morning telling me the speakers are repaired and all working. Collected it on Tuesdays. The repairs only cost $25 with 2 connectors replaced, very reasonable instead of dunking this old $200 speaker set which is actually still in working condition.

I’ve got my sound and bass back, every thing’s all working like new again! Kudos to franky and the service crew at BanLeong! cheers for a job well done!



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