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Day at funan, new printer

Woot!, jus came back from some extra shopping today, got the Canon S520 photo printer at last from PK computers funan the IT mall. Canon is having a student special at $229, (usual $281). though I am not quite a student, lolz, but my I still have my student pass with me.. so it kinda worked, keke. Went to Magic Wok resturant @ the capitol for lunch, not bad I say, very afforable and nice food, the place is not only very popular for their chinese-thai cuisine but with the people working around the central business district, very crowded there during lunchtimes. Furthermore, they don’t charge for service too.

Ok, *breather* well, I am home now, from all those activities, and say! I am very impressed with the printer’s performance- came back home and printed a full color page of one of my artpieces and it came out within about less than 20 seconds! very fine and smooth indeed. The thing which kinda funny is that when the ink’s still wet, the printout smells pretty much like cold hardened chocolate in the fridge!… *duh*

Lastly, my sec sch friend, Peijun is having a chinese dinner gathering next Mon, hope everyone can make it, it will be a bash!

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