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Damn with Symantec norton software activation!

Dang I am really hading it with software activation. Did a reformat of my computer and installed my Norton internet security 2007 only to be told that I can’t activate my software as I had exceeded my allowed number of activation for my CD key? WHAT?

Called them up on their 1800 toll free number which kept me like 5 mins on the hold before speaking to a human, who not amusingly seems speaks like someone on the other end of the earth, also given the second long delay between talking. It turns out that they could not do anything about it as their system will auto lockdown any CD key (original or fake) if it had exceeded the number of 3 activations on their server.

That is given people who reformat our computers regularly every year, we are quite out of luck with only 3 installs on the same PC before having to void that Key and get another.

So I told them “thing means I can throw away that $99.00 CD I’ve brought as I could not even install it again on the very same PC?” They operator coyingly said “No” but they did mention that I can go purchase their LATEST! 2008 version with 3 more activation KEYS! Like “WOW!”

And they can transfer my Norton account over to that with my subscription, then call them up first so they can tweak the system before activating any future copies. Yes thank you Symantec, for so much for your “excellent support and convenience for customers” you scored a blacklist on my cards now.

I understand the need of software activation but they should not bring it to a point that it even hurts rightful paying customers who can’t even use the legitimate software they had purchased. Some people recommended using key-generators or cracks for the software, but I can’t believe that legal users even have to crack their original software to work. This is completely Absurd. Thumbs down for Symantec.

The thing which pisses me off is the lack of flexibility on Symantec side, even their operators cannot do anything about it without caring whether you can run their software. Recalling on a opposite light, I remembered I had a similar problem once with Microsoft on my Windows XP OS activation, till I called them up and screwed them totally on the phone. In the end, activation is not a problem with them now.


  1. I read that Kaspersky is quite good as well, never really heard of NOD32 thou haha. Can I get it from stores in funan or SLS?

    I used to use McAfee, then Norton (which I think I should stop using completely now), wonder which boat should I jump to now…

    • Yea, I also have a similar experience of being infected while having the latest norton virus definitions inside as well, that is why I reformatted my computer in the first place which arose to the activation problem.

      So I guess the run ups will have to be McAfee and NOD32, what about Kaspersky?


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