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Completed C&C generals

Well, though I am not the fastest, but hey! I’ve finally completed it (in three days, one days for each race)
Here are my general comments and tips on the campaign:

Best ground tanks in the game, the dragon tank being my fav, Firewall is DAMN good for base defense and clearing out cities and mobs. Do not worry bout defacing the city or cause massive global warming with this baby. Inch your way thru a city bit by bit (press F to burn area, stop and move abit, burn ahead in unseen areas again) and you will be amazed what the fire will even get everytime. The dragon tank, though the best all rounder tank against the GLA is weak against large armor (esp US), thats when the overlord tank comes into play 🙂 5 tanks (two with speaker towers for healing, 3 with mounted gattling chaingun) can easily flatten anything in their path and provide cover for the dragons.

This race will really define cheep and good to you. The GLA is also the easiest campaign in the game, just stick to the rule- mass technical and scorpion tanks, nothing will ever go wrong, add a few quad cannons into the mob against anti-air if needed and you can be called invincible if used properly. Ask me how I find out about this, and I can tell you “I dunno” LOL! – not being a fathead, but I just have this natural feel that this are the best and I did it, without much of a hinch too. Frankly speaking, to those people who always tech-rush, the GLA is a race not built for that- ignore the fancy scuds, marauder tanks etc… they are kinda slow wasteful to fit into the GLA’s main adavantage- hit&run (you can’t expect to win in a head on attack against US and China with this race) soo stick to that rule of thumb and you will be safe.. untill … well I can say.. till EA decides to tweak the game… Oh yea and lastly, don’t under-estimate the power of the angry mob, just give them those shiny AKs and they ARE very effective against tanks.

This race is one where everyone demoblises from the battle alive LOL! with medics, field repair bots.. etc- losing a unit may be hard!! Their tanks are all-rounder good with the good old “tank-rush” but heck, its expensive! the rush with the GLA technicals are even more fun! Also, they have the best air force in the game. Being a Commanche fan, personally its the best unit they have besides the long range Tomahawk tank. The sleath fighter is also so good, I completed the last USA campaign without even any ground units leaving my base!

All in hand, generals is indeed a nice game to have, firstly on the story- it reflects the current world situation against terror (don’t you ever wonder why US and China don’t go head to head in the campaigns?) Secondly, the graphics are really neat- far better than Warcarft3 in details. Though there are occansional visual bugs like units being able to “dig” into the ground and hanging technicals on the water canals, they are can be easily be fixed with patches. Lastly, being an old C&C boy myelf, I can say generals is really a very very easy game to play on normal, the standards of C&C are really dropping, not to mention the first old C&C campaign days, (now that IS TOUGH!)

Chaos and enjoy the game, hope you find this review useful. =)

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