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Clean new system

& there I am back typing my blog from my own computer again.

Formatted, installed win XP on my system. Now everything’s so fresh clean & fast, just finished installing all the needed drivers & applications. Now whats left are GAMES GAMES & GAMES, would be running 3D mark to benchmark my new hardware, would be posting updates maybe tomorrow or so. With all these at hand, the only danged thing is stupid software not allowing me to activate windows through the internet, said I used up all my “activation tries” would this be always an upgrader’s nightmare? Though there are many other “down & dirty methods” to get XP activated with just a simple clicks, hacks & apps you can find on the net. I guess, well I just don’t wanna “pollute” my computer with all this shitware, furthermore considering that I am also using an original winXP OEM on one computer, the best way to get it donw & over with is to call MS to activate my copy of win xp by phone tomorrow then.

My next upgrade would be a nvidia Geforce 6 FX6800 to replace my current Geforce 4 Ti4600, just waiting for the price to drop.


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