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Afternoon shopping

Just came from from some “afternoon shopping” lolz. Dropped by funan to preorder command and conquer generals at the software boutique, funan. It will be out on the 11th Feb in Singapore comfirmed. Dropped down to PK computers store to check out on their offers and say! Lester, your name is still the last one on the list… only two ppl ordered so far.. LOLZ. Went to look at canon and epson printers, and may be considering the Canon S520 for $229 (student offer) Needed a photo printer possiblly to print my art work for sales in the possible future. The salesguy at PK computers attended to me and he’s really very funny, talked bout 1/2 hour bout the printers there, explained almost everything, maybe I would consider buying the printer from PK computers.

After lunch at a Jap resturant with my mum at funan, my watch went dead.. lolz, coincidentally too at 12 noon exact, dropped by the Swatch shop @ Raffles City for a battery change. Didn’t know swatch irony watches are such “battery eaters” didn’t use the stopwatch function often, but this one only lasted one year- the expected time the swatch reps there said too.. *duh*… quite funny as my other mid-range swatch watches are lasting at about 5 years on a single battery go! Checked out the swatch spring-summer collection and say, this collection don’t really appeals to me, consisting of mostly bright, gay and loud and I mean LOUD colours, not my taste (dark and cool… ) hehe.

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