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Saucony 100PLUS Passion Run 2007

Saucony – 100Plus Passion Run 2007

Held at East Coast Park, Singapore’s First Saucony Passion Run 2007 – With 10km competitive run and 5km/10km non-competitive run is organized by Geylang Serai Community Club and Geylang Serai 3i Enterprise Club.

The co-organizer is Geylang Serai Constituency Sports Club and the Technical Advisor is Red Hawks Sports Club will be held on 8th July 2007.

The objective for the event is to promote healthy and sporting lifestyles for Singaporean and enhance Family, Friends relationship thru running.

The event’s Guest-of-Honour will be our adviser Dr Fatimah Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC & Advisor to Marine Parade GRC GROs.

Dates and Registration
Event Date: 8 July 2007, East Coast Park (Carpark E2), 7:00AM
Start: Friday, 27th April 2007
Closing Date: Tuesday, 20th May 2007 ( ALL REGISTRATIONS SHALL BE DONE ONLINE)

Runners’ Entitlements

  • Runner’s Tag
  • ChampionChip for the latest and most accurate timing (ONLY for Competitive runners and need to return after the run)
  • An exclusive Event’s tee worth $26.90 for all Competitive and Non-Competitive runners.

Upon completion of the race, all runners will also receive:
A goody bag which includes discount vouchers and sponsors’ products.
A Personalised Finisher’s Race Certificate (For competitor only) with their photo and timing printed (For competitor only). Collection of certificate will be notified by email once it is ready)
Entitlement for one lucky draw.

About the Event
Top prize for each category is an attractive bundle of $1000 worth of Saucony products, a New Moon hamper and an exclusive trophy and the lucky draw is the US $6000 Treadmill machine will be given on that day.

We are targeting to attract about 3000 to 4000 participants from different age groups ranging between 5 and 60 years old to participate in the event. The venue for the 5km and 10km run is at East Coast Park open space E2 Angasana Green. There are 7 categories and they are as follow:

Competitive 10 km

  • Men’s Open S$20 (W/O passion card) S$18 (With passion Card)
  • Women’s Open S$20 (W/O passion Card) S$18 (with passion Card)
  • Men’s Veteran
  • Women’s Veteran
  • Men Junior and Women Junior

***Special for all Passion Card Member Competitive runners
70 bottles of Essence of Chicken will be given to the 1st 70 runners who have signed up for the Competitive Category (70 bottles for each Competitive Category)

Non Competitive 5/10 km Run

  • Fun run – No age limit

Race Day Conduct
The following is the starting time for different category and RUNNERS ARE TO REPORT 1 HOUR BEFORE THE STARTING TIME:

  • Men’s Open (Wave 1) 0730hrs
  • Men’s Open (Wave 2)0745hrs
  • Women’s Open (Wave 1)0800hrs
  • Women’s Open (Wave 2)0815hrs

Again, the race registration link: Link
Source achknowledgement: www.singaporepassionrun.com
Thanks ShunQiang for additonal Race conduct info.


  1. Hi there

    I have been in Singapore for 3 months and have battled to find out anything about Road Running Clubs and races, apart from the Singapore Marathon.

    I have just found this link and seen this 10 Km race being held next month.

    Is there any way that I can still run this race?

    Do you have any information on any other races to be held later this year?


    John Lomax

  2. I tried to register for the date after the closing date by calling the community club who is the organiser for this run. Lady who picke dup the phone said NO GO if I missed the registration.

  3. There is a very informative website called SGRunners. Just google SGrunners. Go the website’s event calendar, it has all the running calendar for the rest of the year, including dates, routes, registration dates. I found it by far the most informative. You probably can still make it for the Mizuno wave run (22 Jul) but register quickly. After that we have a Sheares bridge run and The New balance real run in Oct. You can also make a trip to our next neighbour, Malaysia, they organise a lotsof runs too, mostly 10km and half marathons. Go to pacesetters.com for the calendar of events.

  4. HI Guys,

    does anyone know of someone who has registed for the PAssion run, but now cant make it?

    Looking for a way of running in the PAssion run this weekend

    I can be contacted on 9826 0095

    Many thanks


  5. To all who missed the run, lucky you. Bad organisation marred the event. The first sign of trouble: shirt collection. They had more than one booth, but only one queue. Slow even when compared to the Singapore marathon with ten times the number of people.

    On to race day; I admit I bear some blame, apparently notice was given that there was no bag deposit. Well, I just double checked the webby, didn’t see it. And what the heck, expect people to report by 0630hrs and don’t have bag deposit?! What, if I don’t drive, I’m expected to carry my wallet while running 10km? What about my phone? Or a change of clothes for that matter?! So, I visit the first tent I see, “Hospitality Tent”. Instead I’m told, “Dunno leh”, until finally someone told me there is no bag drop. Nice. So I look around and the nearby “Command Post” looks pretty empty so I plead with him to let me place it there and am told “It’s full”. Hello, I’ve got eyes and it ain’t.

    Here’s the part that really pissed me off, there are 4 large tents, command post, hospitality, volunteers and first aid post. Which one of these caters to the runners? (If you need first aid, you aren’t running liao) They were too busy planning their VIP visit to think about to the needs of runners. Bad business decision, because runners are what makes a race. Even after the race, that entire section was practical empty and they couldn’t think of a better use for the space?!

    Anyway, in frustration, I ask where I can return my chip, because I simply cannot run with my bag. Finally a question they can answer. Luckily, the girl at the booth is an angel, and allowed not only me but my fellow “bag people” to use her relatively small tent. She deserves a promotion. So I run. As for the route, it’s okay just a bit narrow, and there are stretch that are too open, easy to “shortcut”. Forward to the end, I got there, ran to collect my bag. Went to cool down and wait for my friend. When I he finally arrived, the goody bag collection counter had a queue of about 20 people. I thought that was a little long (in my view) and there are only 3000+ runners so I thought I’d wait. Bad mistake.

    My friend, when he finished, was typically Singaporean and saw a queue joined it and collected his bag. By the time I found him, he was already holding it. When we sat down, I saw the queue growing, drank a couple of cans of 100 Plus and the queue grew again. In the span of 5 minutes, the queue was curled around itself. Once again, the genius planners had many helping hands but only one queue. So I looked in my friend’s goody bag, guess what? One packet of raw pasta, a small white towel, coupons and a paper fan. I told him to forget it and we left, can get better goodies walking along Orchard Road.

    In summary, The good: Kind girl at the information booth, the singlet, free flow 100 Plus and the Passion card (actually haven’t used it yet) The bad: Bags; don’t bring them, don’t collect them. Just stuff your belongings into your underwear. Queue (only got one), so bring a thick book. Stuff that into underwear too.

  6. I will give my take for the Passion Run- overall- it is not as bad as what was painted by the other commentor

    101 of road races- always check where the bag deposit are- anyway there is no bag slip on the race tag- so it should ring some alarm bells.

    I had no problems at the collection of the race tag at Novena- probably because I went at 2pm on Sunday.

    Race day- the DJ was pretty good and the music really pumped up the ocassion. The MP who flagged off the event was early- so this really impressed me! I was in the 2nd wave. The goodie bag- not too much to be desired, but there is a 15% discount voucher for Polar watches. The goodie bag it self- pretty good quality- much better than the ones given out in the 2003/4 JP Morgan run and Marathon. Those fall apart.

    If one wants to avoid the queue- run fast! Or be in the 1st wave! 😀

    Comparing with the Mt Faber 2007 run, this one was definately much better in terms of organisation, but I definately enjoyed the route on Mt Faber more!

    Will I take part in Passion Run 2008- definately. Staying in the West is no barrier, even if means hopping into a cab at 645am in the morning. This is what racing is all about! And being able to put up with inconveniences along the way.

  7. Thanks will and Gohvik for their rather informative feedbacks on the race, I believe the organisers will get on into improving next year’s race after reading your input. 😀


  8. I thought the organization was ok, but faced a similar problem to other races I’ve entered in Singapore. We set off 15 minutes after the women, and soon caught the slower runners. It took a lot of bobing and weaving to maintain momentum. Then at 7.5k we hit the fun runners! I’m not sure what can be done about this. I like the wave idea as it makes the start less stressful, but also don’t think it’s fair when the leaders in a race have to fight through a crowd.

  9. Hi Fellow Runners,

    Generally the run was fun if we can look beyond the minor faults here and there. There will be problem areas as in all organised race. Expect some too for the 22nd July Mizuno Wave.

    I agree that the route was very narrow even thought the runners were dispatched by waves. However, the start time for the veteran category was, in my opinion a little too late. As we make our u-turn and approach the finishing line, we were all facing the bleaming sun. Start a little earlier will be good. Afterall runners like to wake up early don’t we. See you guys at the Mizuno Wave.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for participating in our event and your feedback.

    We are regretting to cause inconvenience and would like to apologize to some of the runners who brought along the bags. During the planning stage, we had decided not to have the bag deposit area for this year because we did not want to mess up the bag deposit segment as we believed that we need a good system and process to mend it. That is why we have stated clearly that there was no bag deposit area for this event when we opened our registration. Let me assure the rest that we will definite consider it for next year event.

    The Race Expo ran smoothly as overall. In total there are 10 stations to issue out the race information and running tee and the total waiting time is about 10 min which is quite reasonable. We hope to target 5 min waiting time for next year. We would like to thank “Will” for the complement but regret to hear that “Will” was caught in the long queue. I believed that one of the possible reasons is that he came during the perk hours.

    The average time for the goodie bag collection is about 10 min to 15 min for this year and we hope that we can improve to 5 to 8 min waiting time for next year event. We would like to thank “Will” and the rest for their valuable feedback and seek their understanding and forgiveness if we have done well in certain area as this was our first time organizing this event, and we may be over sighted certain area.


    James Koh
    Chief Coordinator
    Saucony 100PLUS PAssion Run


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