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Nice 16.5km Jog this evening

Me jogs around my usual Tanglin route this evening with leftover birthday cake still jumping in my stomach, the feeling is very unreal, not to mention the rather mixed taste of blackforest-chum-gastric juices when you bleach… ekkk

Shouldn’t eat less than 1 hour before my runs…

Mmmm, read in the Straits Times today that the HDB blocks around my district has the priciest price tag in Singapore – 5mins to orchard and 10mins to the City as reported. Heheh yea… like real.

Nevertheless, on a sidenote same as the previous year, I will be involved in the judging committee for this year’s Singapore River Raft Race coming May 20th – all your timings are belong to me! wahhahaha!

Mileage for week this week (7 day period) (excluding Track training distance)
Wednesday – Gym 3 sets + Treadmill (7km)
Saturday – 30 mins Lapped Swim
Sunday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route 2 Extended Rounds (16.5km)
Total Running Millage for 2 weeks: 23.5km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 398.46km

Next week it will be 400km covered and beyond!


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