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Dragon Gate Restaurant in Habourfornt

Today’s Dad’s Birthday! Celebrated the first part of his birthday with black forest cake in the morning after breakfast and before my trip to SP for you know! then back home in the late afternoon before heading to Dragon Gate Restaurant in Habourfornt for Al-la-carte buffet dinner. The food and menu have not changed much since my visit last year and the place is only like 20% filled on a Saturday night. Man! Window shopped round Vivo and showed Sheena around as she (strangely) had not been there before. They are known mainly for their Tim Sum Lunch Buffets and very affordable al-la-carte buffet in the evenings. The food quality, though not top notch is fair for the price paid. You also get a large selection of Chinese dishes, ranging from meats, vegetables, noodles and soups to satisfy your palette.

Dad's '07 Birthday Dinner
Dad’s ’07 Birthday Dinner
Dad's '07 Birthday Dinner Spread
Birthday Dinner Spread
Vivo City Shopping Thereafter
Vivo City Shopping Thereafter

At least now I can finalise why orchard road is getting quieter and quieter everyday, not only because of heartland malls but establishments like Vivo as well – it’s still very crowded there. The upper 3rd floor is still a very nice cool chill out place, with loads of darkness and group gatherings there, not to mention make-up places. With no closure and free access no wonder people like to “thon” there overnight.

My FYP lecturer called me up yesterday telling me about an industry school project requiring a team to build a motion simulator for plane/road vehicles. Sounds cool contrary to the previous Air engine go-kart we wanted to build previously. A simulator means a need for a screen and hydraulic system – not cheap stuffs. Unless we can savage a projection system from school, a 42″ plasma screen costs $1999 – the cheapest I found so far in the papers today and $2399 in Vivocity Best Denki and I guess that is all our budget can cater for! Looks like I have to source direct from distro already…


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