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Mizuno Mt Faber Run 2008 Post Race

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

The Mizuno Mt Faber race was this morning, I did not run the event but based on feedback and word of mouth together with my own observations, the race went on very well and as satisfying as last year’s race, with few improvements here and there. There were very much fewer runners this year too, presumably form the boycott from last year’s Wave run- the roads are all relatively clear for all runners which brings about a rather nice “closed” run feel very much to that of smaller X-country runs like the Wings Athletics ones in Macritchie reservoir.

You also definitely can’t miss the call from the MC for all SGrunners to fall in for a photo taking at the end of the runs and look at the group! Will update more later.

In short:

  • Great route, no-frills run.
  • Hills are great as always.
  • The weather is good, cooler weather unlike hot and humid 2007.
  • Seem to have fewer participants this time round, but an optimal number.
  • Staggered starts.
  • Traffic is OK, so not much a problem for the Ciscos
  • Water points at the right spots/distances, though many don’t use it.

Area’s for improvement for next year:

  • Better goodie bag items for price
  • Lower participant fees ($25-$30 max)
  • New route through the Henderson Waves

Recommended run next year- Yes of course, don’t think of this race like the Wave run, it’s very different.


    • yes, the registrations for the wave run is already closed. Why not try signing up for the Nike+ run instead? It’s also 10km and may appeal to you as well, it’s $10 more expensive thou if you are above 25 years of age, but the goodies you get are far better.


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