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Official Death Race Movie Trailer out!

This is one of the few hot movies to be out this year, besides other favorites such as Ironman and Wall-E. There had been other similar movies of this concept to date, but none of them are as specular as this new movie coming out summer this year, predictably early-to-mid this August. The Death Race another rip at the idea of using criminals for entertainment fiasco, just like what we see in other movies such as the Running Man or games such as Road Wars or Unreal.

The concept is simple, convicted convicts on the deathroll, one race, 3 days and the winner across the line gets freedom. It’s cool how they mess up with all their cars, ranging from Chrysler 300C, Jaguars, to Porsche 911s and a Mustang, which the main character, Jason Statham drives.

The official trailer on the link:

More on all the vehicles in the race here.


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