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The Fisaco Stores – Soya Bean Drinks next!

Soya Bean Milk

Was ready the Sunday times lifestyle section about the new soya bean drinks. We had seen bubble tea bubble burst and the donut store fisaco ending soon, so what’s next? Coloured/favored Soya Bean Drinks? I love soya bean drinks and they are a good filling snack drink not to mention a good source of supplementary natural calcium and protein to your diet.

But personally I find it’s only good from only those offered homemade in hawker centers and not some franchised line store out there hoping to quickly catch the craze and ride the market before selling it at product maturity. This muddles the whole experience and authenticity, not to mention price.

And just we thought Mr Bean stands are just great for the market, now we have favored Soya bean stores riding not only on the trend but market it a health conscious drink? Uhoh trouble.



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